My name is Don Worley, and I am the owner/operator of Don Worley Painting Service. I have over 25 years’ experience providing quality, affordable house painting in Raleigh, North Carolina and and the surrounding communities. I would like to personally thank you for visiting my website and tell you a little about my painting and home repair services.

Many painting contractors would like to have your business, from national conglomerates to questionable outfits operating out of the back of a truck. It’s hard for you to know who to trust with your home improvement work, and that’s why a lot of people say that you’re better off with a large, impersonal painting contractor with fancy advertising and a huge cast of characters traipsing about your property. That is NOT how I do business, and I’d like to give you some reasons why.


Have you ever been in a kitchen with too many cooks? If so, you will understand what it’s like to sit in your home as an intimidating battalion of house painters whisks through your property, armed with a convoy of equipment and with a motley crew of house painters seemingly everywhere at once. Would you trust your valuables, your furniture, even your pets in an environment like this? Large crews of workmen may do the job more quickly, but as they say, haste makes waste — and your giant paint contractor’s haste may be wasting your prized possessions.

When you engage Don Worley Painting Service to improve your home, you’ll be working with me personally — an experienced paint professional dedicated to making sure your home is protected from damage and that you will always be able to reach me while I am working in your home. Others may promise you the personal touch, but I can guarantee it — and I have 25 years’ worth of satisfied customers to prove it (as you can see from the testimonials throughout this site).


Admit it, you’ve seen plenty of coupons in your mailbox and newspaper promising 10% off, 25% off, free this, complimentary that, from those big painting outfits. I don’t blame them one bit for trying to get your attention by spending all that money on big promises. But think about it — all that advertising adds up, and eventually it’s the customer (that’s you!) who has to pay for it.

Unlike those other guys who have franchising fees or minimum price quotas to meet, I believe in charging you based on what the project is really worth. My motto is, no project too small, and I mean it. One of my favorite projects was the time I painted half a wall! My company doesn’t nickel and dime you to death on items like travel, moving furniture, etc. Instead, I’ll quote you a price that includes all materials up front, so there are no surprises later.


Here’s another thing you might not know about large painting contractors. In their efforts to keep costs down despite all their overhead, they often will make a deal with a single brand of paint in order to get large volume discounts. That may work for some projects, but how do you know the paint they’ll use on your home is the right shade or sheen, and not just the closest product they can buy by the barrel?

When you engage Don Worley Painting Service, I will work with you to make sure that the materials I use are exactly what you need for your home. I’m not tied to a single retailer or paint supplier, so I can give you unbiased advice when it comes to selecting the right materials. You can check out this site’s resources page to see some of the suppliers that I’ve come to use and trust over the years.

The Bottom Line

Don Worley Painting Service has been serving the Triangle and surrounding area since 1989. My business is based on quality work at a fair price. I treat my customers with the utmost respect. And because I do all the work myself  I am able to respond to any questions you might have personally.

For a free estimate, email me at dwps4591@gmail.com or call me at 919-954-8260. I look forward to learning more about your home’s needs.


Don Worley Painting Service is proud to be a locally-owned, small business provider of affordable house painting in Raleigh, North Carolina.